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I've tried to keep my journal non-personal, figuring it'd keep it for communities and hobby stuff. Then I figured, what the heck. I mean, everyone needs a place to rant, right?

With my husband's getting laid off we're back on foodstamps a while until the job market perks up. On the nice hand, it's giving me a chance to use what I've learnt about housekeeping and economy.

My favorite dollar store now has a food only section and they're food stamp certified now. They had a huge sale for the special opening and I wound up getting at least 100$ worth of food for a bit less than 20$, and it wasn't junk either. We went from an almost bare to so much that it's overflowed in to the extra cabinets. They had those big 2 pound cans of black beans for a nickle each and pasta for a dime. Seasoning packets were a penny. It was amazing.

So after we went there I headed over to the supermarket on the next block and picked up a couple weeks of food for only 40 dollars. With the price of chicken and beef going down and the weekly produce sales I'm sure I'll manage to make the last 20$ or so last until the end of the month.

With some good budgeting we'll make rent no problem, and probably still keep the internet. Downsizing the storage untils will help a lot too, and selling off some old junk.

All things considered, things are going pretty well for taking a backwards step. By His grace it's all working out. OH! We finally got a chance to volunteer at the soup kitchen and we had Saturday all to ourselves. Very much worth it.


I'm not sure what to say here, but I'm glad you got a lot of food for so little.

Oh, I know what to say here: I've been through the whole lay-off sequence, about... three times I think (for a total of-- 7 years?), and I can safely say that, though it doesn't feel like it'll ever get better, it always does.

I can still remember trying to ask friends for money (agh) and trying to sell off all my worldly possessions just to stay in my house. So... yeah, I'll pray for ya, whatever that's worth...

November 2008

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