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Nov. 2nd, 2008

Enter Whine Here

I've tried to keep my journal non-personal, figuring it'd keep it for communities and hobby stuff. Then I figured, what the heck. I mean, everyone needs a place to rant, right?

With my husband's getting laid off we're back on foodstamps a while until the job market perks up. On the nice hand, it's giving me a chance to use what I've learnt about housekeeping and economy.

My favorite dollar store now has a food only section and they're food stamp certified now. They had a huge sale for the special opening and I wound up getting at least 100$ worth of food for a bit less than 20$, and it wasn't junk either. We went from an almost bare to so much that it's overflowed in to the extra cabinets. They had those big 2 pound cans of black beans for a nickle each and pasta for a dime. Seasoning packets were a penny. It was amazing.

So after we went there I headed over to the supermarket on the next block and picked up a couple weeks of food for only 40 dollars. With the price of chicken and beef going down and the weekly produce sales I'm sure I'll manage to make the last 20$ or so last until the end of the month.

With some good budgeting we'll make rent no problem, and probably still keep the internet. Downsizing the storage untils will help a lot too, and selling off some old junk.

All things considered, things are going pretty well for taking a backwards step. By His grace it's all working out. OH! We finally got a chance to volunteer at the soup kitchen and we had Saturday all to ourselves. Very much worth it.

Oct. 22nd, 2008

Day 11

49) An Evening with Kevin Smith

50) Son of Godzilla

51) Jacob the Liar

52) Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Day 10

45) The Jungle

46) 30 Rock: Season 1

47) 30 Rock: Season 2

48) James and the Giant Peach

Day 9

40) Where Are All the UFOs?

41) Ancient Mysteries: Bigfoot

42) Ladyhawke

43) Dogfights: Season 1

44) King Dinosaur

Oct. 18th, 2008

Day 8

34) Grindhouse: Planet Terror

35) A Galaxy Far Far Away

36) The Office: Season 3

37) Iran: A Cinematographic Revolution

38) Gattaca

39) Westworld

Day 7

All the tv season might look impressive, but I'm only counting a series after I've seen all the episodes. So it's not that I'm watching them back to back, but adding them as I finish the final episode. I'm jumping between so many shows and episodes and Netflix is adding way more shows to their watch instant so....yeah, I'm addicted.

29) Battle for the Planet of the Apes

30) The Office: Season 2

31) China Cry

32) Coupling: Season 4

33) The Lost Boys: The Tribe

Oct. 15th, 2008

Day 6

Not as much movie watching as usual. Was finally catching up on sleep, rather. But that means I'm wide awake today and should have quite a bit of movies to get through as I do more housework.

25) Day of the Dead

26) They Live

27) The Ice Pirates

28) Billy Madison

Oct. 14th, 2008

Lazy Days

Snow problem's done and it was actually quite nice yesterday, all things considered. Hopefully husband will get some tips and be able to sell those stupid church universal triumphant tapes that I picked up. I HATE that they were mislabled for I really was hoping for a literature course. Instead that crap was in it.

OH! Speaking of crap, isn't today the day that weirdo from Australia said that the aliens she channels claimed to make an appearance? Question is, it's Oz so wouldn't it already be happening? I guess when you're interdimensional stellar beings of love and light you kind of loose track of the concept of time zones.

I plan on getting as much work done today and as early as possible. The aches of cold weather and the season change has made my usual insomnia even worse and by the time I wake I'm still tired and sluggish and usually fall back asleep. I HATE IT. The apartment looks horrid, the cats keep getting in the trash because I'm not stowing it away and taking it out as I should. I can't stand it. It's looking like a Philly ghetto in here. Or Harlem. I digress.

I'm going to get on top of that as soon as possible. With all the movies Netflix is putting out on instant watch it'll be easy to lose myself in cleaning while watching a few good cinemas. Oh! By the way! You know They Live? BEST MOVIE IN YEARSSSS! Saw it for the first time, finally. Love it!

Day 5

18) Apocalypto

19) Suicide Killers

20) Superbad

21) What Would Jesus Buy?

22) Time Barbarians

23) Night Of The Living Dorks

24) The Food of the Gods

It was A MASSIVE movie day as I decorated and fixed up the livingroom. Just put a bunch of Indian movies on the instant watch queue, so tomorrow I'll be dancing like it's 1579.

Oct. 13th, 2008

Day 4

16) Dog The Bounty Hunter Season 1

17) Aftershocks: Beyond The Civil War

I've not been watching as many films since I've been focust on mostly TV on DVD, so it's taking more time than I thought going through episodes.

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